Sunday, October 28, 2007

the Sea Inside- Post 3

The director used eye level when showing the setting. This helps you feel like you are really there watching where this is happening. When something is at eye level it is really at your point a view and helps you understand the setting. For example, in the beginning, the director shows the beach and where Ramon lives at eye level. They did a truck when Ramon was being taken away in the car. This added drama and showed that this was a slow and big change for him to be going out. At the end of the movie, it shows Ramon's main lawyer, her husband, and child walking down the beach. They do it at a high angle looking down at them. I think they did this to show life. It contradicts with how Ramon killed himself. The end shows happiness and life by the way they shot the scene. When Ramon is in his bed they do a medium shot to show how sad and uncomfortable Ramon is. You can see it in his fast. Another scene they use a long shot. They show Ramon in his bed and his lawyer in the background callapsing. This adds drama because Ramon can't see what is happening but the viewers can.

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