Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Cage-Post 4

They arrive at the camp. They are ordered to go different directions, separating almost everyone in their group. Riva loses her brothers. They are told to take off all their clothes and leave their beloingings. Riva has to take off her glasses and is now almost blind. Then all the women must have their heads shaven and put into a cold shower. They are giving random articles of clothes..some too big, some too small for the women. They are brought into bunks with some people near death. They are marched and ordered around like animals. They work all day and hardly get any water. Some just pass out on the ground. There is talk about "the smoke" where they believe that the dead bodies are burned. Riva and her friends are moved to another camp. They work on machines but Riva was too skinny and small to work on them so she is working in the underground shelter.

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