Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Cage-Post 5

Riva continues to work in the camp. She meets a new friend there. She asks her if she could borrow the brown paper bag she has. Riva wants to start writing her poetry again. So she can give encouragement and tell her story. Her friend continues to get her paper bags but she has nothing to write with. So her friend steals her a pencil from her gaurd. Riva writes her poetry. She reads it to the other girls in her bunk and it brings hope to the girls. Some cry and they hold eachother close. One day Riva gets a cut in her hand from working. It is getting infected and she is getting blood poisoned. She comes down with a high fever and she is very ill. The doctor must report anyone who is sick more than 3 days cause they will be sent a way. But the doctor tells the gaurd that Riva needs to see a doctor because if she doesn't, she will die. She says that Riva is the only way she will keep her workers cause otherwise they will all become sick with grief and lose their hope. Riva gets taken to many doctors but none will see her because she is a jew. She finally arrives at a doctor that will treat her. She says if the poisoning doesn't stop spreading, that they will have to amputate her arm. Riva gets better and goes back to the camp. I think it was very kind of the doctor to take in a Jew when she wasn't supposed to. She went out of her way to make Riva better. I also think it was very kind of the doctor from camp to risk her job and life to fight with the gaurd to get Riva a doctor. Riva brought hope and encouragement to all the girls in the camp and that takes a lot of strength during times like these.

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Tom W. said...

It seems like you described your part well, but your sentences were very short and fragmented. Anyway, good job.