Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside- Post 1

I think that it was a sad movie because there are so many emotions and different conflicts that come up during the movie. I think in Ramon's case, he shouldn't be able to kill himself. In ways, he is still healthy and is still able to do things normal people can do. If he really wanted to go outside and go see places around the world, he could. He can still talk to people and write and do some things he wants to do. It would be different if all he could do was lay in bed everyday and not do anything. He has family and people that love and care about him. If he was a complete vegetable and all he was doing was suffering, I think then he should be able to kill himself. But Ramon doesn't really seem to be suffering all that much. I think that his friends that agreed to help him aren't bad people. They agreed to help him because they care about him. They knew that he wanted to die and they just wanted to help him so he could be happy. For example, Rosa told Ramon that she would help him die because she loved him. I think that does show love because Rosa could be sent to jail for something like that. She was basically risking her own life to make Ramon happy. I think that takes a lot of bravery and love. I think the people that didn't want to help him even with the case, like his brother, wasn't showing that he cared about him. Even if he didn't agree with what he was doing, he still should have been there to support him and help his brother. I think Ramon was wrong to trick people into killing him and I think he just took the easy way out. I don't think the way he commited suicide was right. If he didn't win the case and the courts decided he could not kill himself, he should've obeyed.

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