Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Cage-Post 4 (Quotes)

In the book, The Cage, by Ruth Minsky Sender, a quote that i found really compelling was...

"My eyes are blurred from burning tears. My head is spinning. And through it all come the voices of strangers calling, commanding: "You must live! You must hope!"(151)

I found this compelling because through all the horrible things that were happening at the moment, some people still found the strength to tell other people to not give up and to hope.

"With tears in her eyes she says, "We are not animals yet. We still have our pride."(153)

This also shoes hope to me. The jews are being treated like animals and like they are not human beings. But inside these women find a way to still have their pride.

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Adam A. said...

I agree with you on your reactions to the book, and I think you have a high "level of insight." This sounds like a very interesting book. I am surprised that we didn't read this book in 8th grade when we were learning about this. I still don't know what made the Germans have the heart to persecute the Jews.

My only suggestion is explain why she is called Riva and not Rifkele (you can edit posts).