Monday, October 8, 2007

Diving Bell and the Butterfly

After reading The Diving Bell and the Butterfly I realized how hard it must be for people that have locked-in syndrome. They can't eat, communicate, go on with everyday life, and they really have to have everything done for them. I didn't like the book because I thought there were way too many details. The stories that he told made no sense to me and I couldn't see a point in why he was telling them. The chapters were random and they didn't go in order. You couldn't tell whether he was talking in the past or in the present. A lot of people probably wonder why he would write a book about this. In the book, he talks about how he was going to write a book one day. Everyone has something that they want to accomplish in their life. I think that writing a book was his. He knew that he probably was going to die soon and this was his last chance to achieve his goal. I think that he wrote about this subject because at the time, it's all he new. It's all he lived everyday. I couldn't imagine how he must feel, spending time with his kids and not even being able to talk to them, ever again. It would be so hard doing the same thing day after day and having everything you do be done by someone else like you are a baby. I would probably go insane and have no hope. You could kind of see that happening with him toward the end of the book, when he finishes the book by saying "I'm off now..." I didn't like the ending because it left you hanging. You had no idea what was going to happen to him and what his purpose was in writing The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Overall, I didn't like the book, mostly because it wasn't very interesting and I didn't like the style or the way that he wrote it.

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Allison S. said...

Hannah! Your book sounds wonderful, when i am done with mine i am definatly going to read yours. You tell lots about your story in your blog and it sounds terrific! great job keeping up on all the assignments your doing wonderful!