Thursday, November 29, 2007


-A son or daughter could have a debate with his or her parents over things such as a curfew. A debate like this would usually occur at your home or at a family time. The purpose would to see each other's side. The child probably wants to be able to stay out longer on the weekends. The parents shares their point of view on why they want them home at a certain time. Sometimes it will arrive at a better decision, depending on the parent's or child's view. This debate would be unstructured cause no one is listening to tell who wins the debate. Since the parents have more power over their kids, it changes the decision making process to be more biased to them.

-Another debate that often comes up in the work place would be over salary. These debates would probably occur during a meeting at work. The debates purpose would be to show the views on whether a person should be able to get a raise or not. Most of the time it will arrive at a better decision. The person might get a raise, making their incentive to work be higher, and them to be more happy. This debate is a little more structured than a debate with parents for example, but still unstructured. The decision making process would more than likely be up to the boss or employer.

-Lastly, friends have debates over things to do on weekends, such as movies. One person may want to see one movie but another person wants to see a different movies, which causes a debate. These debates can occur anywhere. The debate serves the purpose of deciding which movie the people are going to go see. When you debate it will arrive at a better decision because you are probably going to pick the movie that the person made sound the most convincing. This debate in unstructured and no one can really tell who really one the debate. It's all up to the people.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2. Post B.

In this section a very important event happened. Jenny had to bring her twin sisters to the mall one night. As she was sitting there drawing, Tate walks up to her and sits down. They start talking and he tells her to follow him. They end up in at a Barnes and Noble bookstore and quiz each other about sports and art. They head over to the magazine section and they start talking about Jenny’s brother and how he is only a half brother. Tate asks Jenny about her family and the donor situation. Out of nowhere, Tate is flipping through a magazine. He comes to an article about donor siblings. He wants Jenny to read it. She was hesitant at first but then she let Tate buy her the magazine. She never went on the website when she got home though because she was scared. She called Tate that night and told him. He invited her over after dinner, which she thought, was a big step. If I was Jenny I would’ve gone on the website right away. I would want to know if I have any other brothers and sisters somewhere in the world. I can see how Jenny is a little nervous it would be a very weird thing to discover that you have had siblings after all the years you have been alive. I predict that things with Jenny and Tate are going to go somewhere and that he is going to be the one that is always there for her and helps her through her problems. I think that Jenny will eventually go on the site and find a sibling.

Week 2. Post A.

" I look at the teen vogue article again, studying the facts about the Donor Sibling Registry and how it matches up donor offspring with their sisters and brothers, if possible. I realize now how big the if really is (53)."
This quote is from when Tate gave her the article in a magazine that said you could go to a site and type in information about your donor and it will tell you whether that donor had anybody else. I think she starts to think there isn't a chance and that there is a really big if because she is afraid of what she will find out. She doesn't know if she needs anything to complicate her life anymore.

A theme that I see emerging in this book is about finding yourself and figuring out who you are. Since the beginning on the book Jenny is trying to figure out what she is good at and what she likes to do. She knows she doesn't fit in with her family because they all love sports and are great athletes, she isn't. She is trying to figure out where she fits in and she talks about how she doesn't think she fits in anywhere and can't even like this boy Tate. She is always down on herself and i think throughout the book she will keep trying to figure these problems out.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 1. Post B.

For me it is really easy to make a connection with the main character, Jenny. She talks about how sometimes she feels like she doesn’t belong in her family and there is nothing that she is really talented at. She doesn’t feel like she belongs because all her siblings are from both her parents while Jenny’s dad was a donor. She has never met and knows nothing about the donor, which often leaves her wondering. “When I think of where I came from, I imagine strings connecting me to someone else (25).” Jenny’s parents, twin sisters, and brother are always doing sporting events together and Jenny can never do any of them because she is not athletically talented. This is when she feels the most left out of her family. She gets frustrated because the things that she loves doing, such as painting, she isn’t very good at. “Don’t misunderstand me. You know Dad and I want you to do whatever makes you happy. But maybe…” She gestures at me with a fork. “Maybe painting isn’t your thing (18).” I think everyone has something they really love and wish they were good at but when they try they just can’t succeed. During this section of the book, Jenny talks about how she doesn’t fit in with her family, how she doesn’t fit into any certain group at school, and how she can’t like this boy, Tate, because she feels she is so different from them. I think that at some point in life everyone feels the way Jenny does. People feel like they just don’t belong anywhere. They just have to find what they are good at and what makes them happy. Once they find that self worth, they will start to feel like they fit in places and they aren’t just there for no reason. I think as the book goes on, Jenny might start to figure that out.

Week 1. Post A.

Implement (2)- a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment used for a particular purpose.

Teeming (3)- to be full of or swarming with.

Significant Quote:

"Mom had me back when she was super work-focused and single and thought she'd be alone forever. Of course, she got pregnant (after choosing 142 from the other donors), met my actual dad, and had me, They got married when I was one, and he legally adopted me and raised me, and here we all are. (24)

I think this is a significant quote because it tells the reader that her father was a donor and that she has never actually met him and she doesn't know anything about him besides that he was number 142. She thinks of her dad as her "real dad" because he has been with her almost her whole life. This quote makes the reader understand why she might feel like she doesn't belong sometimes. Especially since all her brothers and sisters are from both her parents.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Book Approval

-Title: The Other Half of Me
-Author: Emily Franklin
-Published: 2007
-252 pages
-This book is challenging for me because it was written by an author who writes for adults. In the book there are adult topics like being a donor and a tougher vocabulary. I found out about this book because it was on the new york seller list.
- I chose to read this book because I like reading about things that could of happened. I thought the title and the cover of the book seemed very interesting. When i read the inside cover, the topic of the book really jumped out at me.