Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Cage-Post 6

In the last section of the book Riva is still in the sick room recovering. The girls in the camp need to entertain the commandant and the gaurds for the christmas holiday. The doctor knows that Riva is still sick but she wants her to read a poem. She is now out of the sick room and reading her poem. When she is done, she faints. Later in the day, the commandmant comes and talks to her about the peom and how much she liked it. She gives her a notebook and Riva sees that there is some human in her. Riva has to go to work now. She lines up like she used to with all the other girls and marches to the factory. They tell hre to stay behind. She now has a new job working in the nurse's office. She becomes friends with the nurse and she gives Riva food and let's her take a warm bath. The next day, the girls are walking along and they hear bombs. All the gaurds run away and leave them in the middle of the road, not knowing what was happening. The Russians come and free the Jews from the camp. Riva goes back to her house to see if she can get her family pictures. The ladyy living there said she threw them in the garbage. Riva goes to her brother's grave stone and makes him a tombstone. The book ends with Riva talking to her daughter about her new life.

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Desi KAy!! said...

Your book seems pretty sad. I think u have done a great job have details in your blogs GOOD WORK HANNAH!!!!
&heart desi