Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 10 List

1.Jenny Fitzgerald-She is the main character in the book. Jenny has grown up with her mom, step dad, half brother, and twin half sisters. Before Jenny's mom met her step dad, she thought that she would never get married so she applied to have a donor to produce her child. That's when Jenny was born. She has never met her biological father. Everyone in her family is athletic except for Jenny . She's an artist. She is a pretty normal looking and always has paint splattered all over her clothes. Sometimes she feels left out and like she doesn't fit in anywhere.

2.Tate Brodeur-He is the boy that everyone in the high school has a crush on. Jenny has admired him from a far for many years. He is the star football player and very athletic all around. Tate is one of the most popular kids at Jenny's high school. She would have never imagined they would cross paths and become a couple. She finds that Tate is gentle, caring and loves art too. This is the opposite of how Jenny viewed him.

3.Alexa-She is Jenny's half sister. Jenny found her on a sibling donor registry website. They found out that they had the same donor father. Alexa lives in New York City with her two moms. She is the kind of girl that can do anything if she sets her mind to it. When she comes to stay with Jenny, Jenny starts to see that Alexa has something in common with every person that she meets. She is very talkative, pushy with decision making, and doesn't think before she acts. She makes every decision out of impulse. Her personality attracts everyone because she is so fun and outgoing.

4.Setting-This book takes place in a small town near New York. The whole story takes place during the summer. This is very important because Jenny often gets nervous about summer ending. She feels that things will be different between Tate and her when they go back to high school. Jenny thinks of high school as their "real world" and they couldn't possibly be together in high school. Jenny also talks about how her best friend leaves every summer and now she has no one to talk to about everything that's going on in her life. Having the setting be in the summer impacts a lot of the events.

5.Trust-I think that this is a huge motif in the book. Jenny lost her parents trust when she didn't tell them about her new half sister or even that she was looking for her other siblings. One day at dinner, Tate accidentally told them about Alexa because he thought that Jenny had already told them. Her parents were mad that she had kept this a secret from the whole family. She always lied to her parents about Alexa coming to visit. She told them that she wasn't going to and her parents were furious when she showed up unexpectedly. This made them not trust her anymore. Jenny also didn't trust Alexa after she saw that she had been calling Tate and lying about it. Tate and Alexa were always whispering and Jenny couldn't trust her around him anymore.

6.Theme-I think a theme in this book is trying to find yourself and discovering where you fit in. Throughout the whole book Jenny feels left out. She doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere. To her it seemed like everyone around her at a place and she didn't. She couldn't even accomplish the things she enjoyed doing, like painting. Her family were always doing athletic activities together and she could never do any of them. To her she felt like she was in the wrong family and like she wasn't apart of the family cause it wasn't her real dad. Through Alexa and her experiences over the summer she finds out where she fits in and it doesn't really matter if you are not like everyone else.

7.Quote-"Events matter, whether they are marble-small and ordinary, or the enormous ones that stretch out ocean-wide. Each moment pulls you from the past into now, and then into whatever is next on your horizon." This is an important quote in the book because this is what Jenny learns. It takes the whole summer for her to realize that changes and events in the future don't have to worry her anymore. She can live each day by each day and not have to worry what will come next. I think that her painting and Alexa made her come to realize that. This was a good quote to finish off the book with.

8.Main Event- One of the biggest events in the book was the one that led Jenny to finding her half sister Alexa. One night Tate and Jenny were in Barnes and Noble looking through books and magazines. Tate came to a magazine article that was about finding your other siblings through donors. After a lot of thought Jenny went over to Tate's house. They logged onto the website and typed in all her information. A lot of different people came up but a girl named Alexa seemed like the right fit. So she emailed her. And a few minutes later she replied and they found out they were half sisters. This event changed Jenny's life.

9.Conflict-The biggest conflict in the book is having Alexa come stay with Jenny. At first Jenny was excited about her coming to visit. She had this perfect image in her head that they would have everything in common and be perfect sisters. When this turned out not to be the case, Jenny was disappointed. Alexa seemed to be taking over her life. She was creating better relationships with Jenny's siblings than she had with them because they had more in common. The biggest conflict between them was with Tate. Ever since Alexa arrived she was all over Tate. She would try to get Jenny to go work on her art or anything so that she could spend time with Tate. To Jenny it felt like they were keeping secrets from her and that they had a thing. This caused a huge fight between them and Alexa decided to leave in the middle of the night unexpectedly.

10. Style- The author wrote the book from Jenny's perspective. By the author writing this way, you felt like you were friends with Jenny. You could start to feel how she was feeling and predict what was going to happen next. She defiantly wrote like she was a teenager and with topics that we have to deal with. This made it easier to connect with the book because most teenagers have gone through some of the experiences that Jenny had gone through. It was more enjoyable to read about something you could relate to and learn about a girl who had a donor as a father.

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