Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 7. Post A.

Significant Quote:
"You and I are done. Chills ad shakes rack my body as I leave her in the bathroom with the water still running and go back out to the entryway. Tate is gone. Looks like he and I are done, too (217)."
-This is an important quote because this is finally when Jenny breaks down. She tells Alexa everything she feels and what has been making her so upset. She's never gotten in a huge fight with anyone before and she tells her everything. She starts to ignore Tate and get mad at him too before she even knows what is going on. Tate gets frustrated and ends up leaving too.

Figurative Language:
"My half sisters motives make my whole body feel electric, as if it's being powered by confusion."
-This is a metaphor because how motives make her whole body feel electric. That's not really how her body feels but that's how she's comparing how she feels using a metaphor.

"When you realize you've been wrong, that you've been missing out on parts of your life, the wind leaves your body at an immeasurable rate."
-I think this is a bit of personification and metaphor. She's giving wind the human quality to be able to leave something at a certain rate. But she is also comparing how she feels to wind leaving her body.

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