Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 6. Post B.

This section starts with Jenny working on her artwork for the art show. She thinks that it is going really well and that her art might actually get picked to be in the show. Alexa calls her from Tate's party. When Jenny finally arrives there is she is actually mad at Alexa. She starts to wonder if this will be their last and only visit. At Tate's party there is a big slip n slide. Jenny is really jealous of Alexa because she is very pretty and fits in with all the other girls and jock boys. Alexa wants Jenny to come live in New York City with her but Jenny is very hesitant and says she will think about it. The next night Jenny goes on a run with Tate. He tells her that he would be very sad if he went to live with Alexa. You can tell that Jenny is starting to feel sad again. She is extremely jealous of Alexa. Alexa has come into her life, completely taken over her "boyfriend" and her siblings. Now her dad. Jenny's dad hated Alexa and one day when Jenny came home she saw them bonding in the backyard. Alexa has turned their backyard into a whole new garden area. Alexa seems to be apart of everything. She fits in much more with Jenny's family than Jenny does. She is a dancer just like Jenny's twin sisters. She gardens and fixes up the yard just like Jenny's dad and she plays sports and is very athletic just like Jenny's brother Russ. I can see why Jenny is starting to feel rejected and that everyone likes Alexa better than her. I am interested to see if she ever confronts Alexa and what happens to their relationship as sisters.

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