Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 7. Post B.

The last section was really good and it pulled everything together that happened during the book. Jenny finally gets up the nerve to tell Alexa what has been making her mad Alexa's whole visit. Jenny hears Alexa talking on the phone and she can tell she is lying or keeping something secret from her. When Alexa is in the shower, she checks Alexa's last call and it was from Tate. Jenny is furious and that's when she tells her all the anger she has and why she is mad at Alexa. Tate and Jenny go to her art studio and finds her paintings missing. Worst of all, she goes outside to see Alexa kiss Tate on the cheek. Jenny is now mad at both of them. She yells at both of them and it seems that things are over with the half sisters and with Tate and Jenny. The next morning Jenny wakes up to find Alexa gone and all she left was a note. Jenny is very sad by this but it all turns around when she finds out one of her paintings were picked for the art show. Jenny's whole family shows up at the art show and so does Tate. He explains everything to her. Alexa was planning a big surprise party for after the show and that was why they had been so secretive. Jenny feels terrible. And as soon as she gets home to the party, she goes upstairs to call Alexa but she doesn't answer. She emails her saying she was sorry and that she still wants them to be sisters. Jenny is so happy. Because of Alexa she created a better relatiosnhip with her dad, with her siblings, and with Tate. A few minutes later Alexa writes back saying she found another donor. I thought this book was really good because it taught the lesson everyone should learn.."Each moment pulls you from the past into now, and then into whatever is next on your horizon."

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