Friday, December 21, 2007

Week 5. Post B.

This section begins with Jenny, Alexa, and Tate at a mini golf course. You can see that Jenny is starting to get annoyed with her “new” half sister Alexa. In Jenny’s mind, Tate is her guy and she doesn’t like that Alexa keeps flirting with him. Jenny’s parents give her money to treat everyone for ice cream after they play mini golf. Alexa tries to get Jenny to go to her work and create some art she had been thinking about. Jenny tells her that it is closed and she might get in a lot of trouble for going there. Jenny thinks that Alexa is trying to get rid of her to spend some alone time with Tate. She is very jealous because she already thinks that her family likes Alexa better than her and now Tate might too. In the end, they all go down to Jenny’s work and sneak in. Alexa and Tate leave Jenny there to do her artwork and they go off and have ice cream with all of his friends. The next day Jenny and Alexa bond at the beach but all Alexa seems to talk about is Tate. Jenny’s dad really doesn’t seem to like Alexa at all. They were taking their annual family picture where everyone is wearing the same thing. Alexa tied Jenny’s up so it would fit her better. And the whole time Jenny’s dad was complaining about it and refused to take the picture just because Alexa did it and said that it looked good. I think Jenny is going to start to get annoyed with Alexa and want her to go home. I think it will have something to do with Tate.

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