Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4. Post B.

This section starts with Jenny and her family sitting down to dinner. Her twin sisters announce that they are having their important dance recital on the same night as Jenny’s art fair. Jenny knew that her parents were going to choose her sisters over her. She started to freak out and for the first time told her parents about how she felt about everything. She told them that she felt like she doesn’t fit in and that no one supports her and ever asks to see her artwork. During all of this, Tate walks into the house and asks if they heard Jenny’s good news. Jenny hadn’t told them yet and they all started asking millions of questions and Jenny finally told them that she has a half sister and that she was coming to visit. Her sisters and brother feel so rejected. Her dad is furious and starts yelling at her and saying that she had to cancel. While her mom is trying to be supportive. They all think that Jenny shouldn’t have kept this a secret from them. For days Jenny puts off calling Alexa to cancel. She doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. The day before Alexa is supposed to come she finally gets up the nerve to call her. She is in her room on the phone with her when her family is yelling at her to come to the door. When she gets to the front door a girl is standing in the driveway and she realizes it is Alexa. Her dad is furious at Jenny and yells at her right in front of Alexa. The family isn’t very welcoming to her at all. Jenny even starts to feel a little threatened by her. I think that this would be a hard thing to do. Jenny wanted to obey her dad and she didn’t know that Alexa was going to come early. I think if I met my half sister and she was a lot better than me in many ways, I would start to feel threatened too. I think that this is going to be hard for Jenny.

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