Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3. Post B.

In this section, Jenny goes over to Tate’s house. Jenny finds out that he does really like her when he kisses her unexpectedly. She starts to feel so comfortable with him and she feels like she can talk to him about anything. He takes her downstairs to his computer room and she logs onto the sibling registry website. She signs in and looks for matches that sound like they could be her father. She comes to a girl who she starts to think could be her half-sister. Tate leaves her alone to see what the match is all about. The girl was from the same hospital and was born in the same year. She sends her an email asking if she had the same donor. Jenny doesn’t tell her family about what she was soon to find out because she thought it would hurt their feelings. One night Jenny is sitting at her computer when an IM pops up. It is a girl named Alexa. The girl from the website. She gets excited as they instantly started talking. They find out that they are a match! And that Alexa had a donor father because she has two moms. Alexa and Jenny start talking all the time. They would stay up all night talking on the phone or spend hours on the computer. It got to the point where Alexa really wanted to meet her. Jenny was afraid of this and she would always avoid the subject when it came up. She thought that if she met Alexa she would realize that they didn’t like each other or that it would be awkward. Everyday Alexa would ask for Jenny to come visit and she would turn her down. I think I would want to meet someone that was related to me but it would also be a very scary thing to do. It would be very nerve-racking.

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