Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 2. Post B.

In this section a very important event happened. Jenny had to bring her twin sisters to the mall one night. As she was sitting there drawing, Tate walks up to her and sits down. They start talking and he tells her to follow him. They end up in at a Barnes and Noble bookstore and quiz each other about sports and art. They head over to the magazine section and they start talking about Jenny’s brother and how he is only a half brother. Tate asks Jenny about her family and the donor situation. Out of nowhere, Tate is flipping through a magazine. He comes to an article about donor siblings. He wants Jenny to read it. She was hesitant at first but then she let Tate buy her the magazine. She never went on the website when she got home though because she was scared. She called Tate that night and told him. He invited her over after dinner, which she thought, was a big step. If I was Jenny I would’ve gone on the website right away. I would want to know if I have any other brothers and sisters somewhere in the world. I can see how Jenny is a little nervous it would be a very weird thing to discover that you have had siblings after all the years you have been alive. I predict that things with Jenny and Tate are going to go somewhere and that he is going to be the one that is always there for her and helps her through her problems. I think that Jenny will eventually go on the site and find a sibling.

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