Thursday, November 29, 2007


-A son or daughter could have a debate with his or her parents over things such as a curfew. A debate like this would usually occur at your home or at a family time. The purpose would to see each other's side. The child probably wants to be able to stay out longer on the weekends. The parents shares their point of view on why they want them home at a certain time. Sometimes it will arrive at a better decision, depending on the parent's or child's view. This debate would be unstructured cause no one is listening to tell who wins the debate. Since the parents have more power over their kids, it changes the decision making process to be more biased to them.

-Another debate that often comes up in the work place would be over salary. These debates would probably occur during a meeting at work. The debates purpose would be to show the views on whether a person should be able to get a raise or not. Most of the time it will arrive at a better decision. The person might get a raise, making their incentive to work be higher, and them to be more happy. This debate is a little more structured than a debate with parents for example, but still unstructured. The decision making process would more than likely be up to the boss or employer.

-Lastly, friends have debates over things to do on weekends, such as movies. One person may want to see one movie but another person wants to see a different movies, which causes a debate. These debates can occur anywhere. The debate serves the purpose of deciding which movie the people are going to go see. When you debate it will arrive at a better decision because you are probably going to pick the movie that the person made sound the most convincing. This debate in unstructured and no one can really tell who really one the debate. It's all up to the people.

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