Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Cage-Post 2

Loaded Words:
1) crazy pg.44-it can either mean like insane or a good way like fun and happy.
2) child pg.45-some people think of children in a negative way. They think they can't do anything on their own.
3) strength pg. 47-it can be emoitional strength or it can be physical strength.
4) healthy pg.47-it could be mentally, physically, in spirit. Being healthy comes in many ways.
5) ghetto pg.46-to some people it is a home. To other people they see it as a dangerous place.
6) adoption pg.55-people see it as a bad thing, like no one wants the child, while others see it as a positive impact.
7) free pg.61-you can be free from many things and people may see freedom differently.
8) Jews pg.65-some people take pride in being a Jew. While others hated them and wanted them eliminated.
9) love pg. 57-everyone doesn't feel love the same way, it is viewed differently.
10) normal pg.61-i don't think anyone really knows what normal is, it can be interpreted as people see.

Moishe takes Refikele (RIva) to see the doctor. Her brothers get her vitamins to get her strength back. Riva starts writing lettters even though she can't mail them. She is secretly thinking that if they don't make it out alive, that someone will find her story. They go back to the adoption lady and she tells them that Riva can adopt her own brothers but she has to give up all her rights of being a child. Now she is legally an adult at age 16. Their friend Shmulek comes back from the labor camp. He was sent back because the soldier was drunk. But now they are collecting them back again so he has to hide by living with Henry's friend. It was very cold in their house and Riva's brother stole wood. The police came to their house and because they had compassion, he was not sent to a camp.

I think it's so sad that they have to live most of their life as a lie. Most of them are becoming sick and there is nothing they can do about it. I think it's really good that Riva could adopt her brothers though. Because in hard times they need to stick together and be a family.

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